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Randallstown, MD – Carlos Arroyo, a 38-year-old social studies teacher and boys’ varsity soccer coach at Randallstown High School, located at 4000 Offutt Rd, Randallstown, MD 21133, has been arrested and charged with multiple offenses related to the sexual abuse of a minor. The Baltimore County Police Department’s Crimes Against Children Unit arrested Arroyo on Friday, charging him with two felonies: sexual abuse of a minor and a sexual offense in the third degree. Additionally, Arroyo faces misdemeanor charges of second-degree assault and a fourth-degree sex offense by a person in a position of authority.

MD High School Teacher/Coach Arrested for Child Sexual Assault

The police department was notified of the alleged assault in late April. Following this notification, detectives conducted several weeks of interviews and evidence gathering, which culminated in Arroyo’s arrest. Arroyo is currently being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center without bail, with a bail review hearing scheduled for Monday.

School and Community Response to Teacher’s Sexual Assault Allegations

In response to the charges, Principal Michael Jones of Randallstown High School sent a letter to the school community on Saturday, informing them that Arroyo has been placed on administrative leave and will no longer have access to the school or the soccer team. Jones emphasized that the charges are deeply troubling and that the school holds its employees to high standards of conduct.

Background Information on Alleged Child Sexual Abuser

Arroyo has been employed by Baltimore County Public Schools since May 2022 and has worked at Randallstown High School since August 2022. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and a master’s in teaching from Towson University.

Potential for More Victims of Sexual Abuse By Teacher

Authorities are urging anyone with additional information or who believes they may be a victim to contact the Baltimore County Police Department at 410-887-7720 or the county’s Department of Social Services at 410-887-8463

Legal Recourse for Victims of School Sexual Abuse

In the aftermath of the disturbing allegations against Randallstown High School teacher Carlos Arroyo, questions arise about the legal options available to victims of sexual abuse in educational settings. To address these concerns, we spoke with Aaron Blank, a seasoned Maryland school sex abuse lawyer. Blank offers valuable information on the rights of those affected by such traumatic experiences and explains how the legal system can hold both perpetrators and negligent institutions accountable. This conversation aims to provide clarity and guidance for victims, their families, and the community at large as they navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding school-related sexual abuse cases.

Laurence Banville, Esq.: Mr. Blank, what legal rights do victims of sexual abuse by teachers or coaches have?

Aaron Blank, Esq.: Victims have the right to pursue both criminal and civil cases. While the criminal case is handled by prosecutors, victims can file civil lawsuits against the abuser and potentially the school district or other institutions that may have been negligent.

Banville: How can negligent parties be held accountable in these cases?

Blank: Schools and other institutions can be held liable if they failed to properly screen employees, ignored warning signs, or didn’t respond appropriately to allegations. This could include inadequate background checks, failure to investigate complaints, or not reporting suspected abuse to authorities.

Banville: What advice would you give to potential victims or their families?

Blank: It’s critical to report abuse to law enforcement immediately. Victims should also consider seeking legal counsel to understand their rights and options for civil action. There are often time limits for filing lawsuits, so it’s important to act promptly.

Banville: Thank you for your insights, Mr. Blank.

Support and Legal Guidance for School Sex Abuse Victims and Families

The impact of sexual abuse in educational settings extends far beyond the immediate trauma, affecting victims and their families for years to come. If you or a loved one has experienced sexual abuse by a teacher, coach, or any school employee, remember that you are not alone. Our team of experienced attorneys is here to support you through this challenging time. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss your case, explain your legal rights, and explore potential avenues for justice and compensation. Don’t let fear or uncertainty prevent you from seeking the help you deserve. Contact us today to speak with a compassionate legal professional who can guide you through the next steps in your journey toward healing and accountability.


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