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A judge’s decision to quickly close a Missouri boarding school under fire from many lawsuits and allegations of years of sexual and physical abuse has been put on hold while authorities determine whether a person connected to the institution who has been charged with physically abusing a student is a former or current staff member.

According to Missouri Independent, Judge David Munton ordered the immediate shutdown of Agape Boarding School, prompted by the Department of Social Services and the Missouri Attorney General’s office. The order of shutdown was caused by a former Agape staff member who failed to respond to a final appeal deadline causing his name to be added to Missouri’s child abuse registry. Due to Missouri state law, if a person is listed on the child abuse registry, they can no longer work at any type of residential care facility reported by the Kansas City Star.

Until authorities can determine whether the former student was physically abused by the accused staff member, the boarding school will remain open.

Legal Help For Boarding School Abuse Survivors

Many of the boarding school abuse survivors are represented by lawyer Reed Martens of Monsees & Mayer P.C. He recently spoke about how fighting for justice on behalf of abuse victims can help them begin their healing journey.

“Abuse survivors can experience terrible and life-altering impacts. A few of the long-term impacts include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts, and trouble forming healthy relationships. Counseling is usually a necessity for survivors to start the healing process.”

“Contact an experienced boarding school abuse attorney right away if you or a loved one suffered abuse while attending Agape Boarding School or another residential care institution.”

For more information on boarding school sexual abuse visit this page:


Judge’s Order to Shut Down Agape Boarding School Put on Hold

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