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Boarding School Sexual Abuse Lawsuits: Options For Survivors Of Abuse

Parents put trust in their children’s private and boarding schools to ensure their safety at all times while under the supervision of the school staff; but sadly these expectations are sometimes broken. If your trust has been broken and your child has suffered abuse of any sort, you may have questions such as:

Can I File A Boarding School Lawsuit?

  • Who is held responsible for my child’s trauma?
  • Where can I find an abuse lawyer in my area with the experience to take on this claim?

Justice Guardians and our experienced team is ready to assist you in getting the answers you deserve. Handling mental, physical, or sexual abuse cases at a boarding school involve an array of emotions that can make it difficult to navigate without the help of an experienced team of abuse lawyers. Contact us today for a free, confidential case evaluation to learn more.

The Difference Between A Public School & A Private Boarding School

Many lawsuits today reflect that the majority of sexual abuse allegations usually come from either private or boarding schools rather than public schools. Why is that? In actuality, boarding schools and private schools particularly have certain characteristics that make it relatively easy for perpetrators to find sexual assault and abuse victims. For example, public school systems are mostly responsible for the safety of their students while on campus which is only for a certain amount of hours daily. Whereas, with a private school or boarding school, the students typically live on campus and the staff is responsible to care for them 24/7 round the clock.

With so much liability in the hands of the boarding school, it enables an environment where child sexual abuse, assault, or neglect can happen. Unfortunately, predators often prey on other students, former students, and even other facility members. If you or your child has suffered any type of sexual misconduct or alleged abuse, our law firm can provide specific legal advice that pertains to the details of your case.

Types Of Sexual Abuse In Boarding Schools

Perpetrators of sexual abuse in a boarding school can come from anyone a part of the facility, teachers, or even other students. Survivors of child sexual abuse have brought lawsuits against boarding school professors, coaches, and staff. Several people have been accused of abusing their positions of power to manipulate and abuse the children under their care.

As mentioned above, other students have also been mentioned as perpetrators and abusers in boarding school lawsuits. When children are not properly supervised by those in authoritative power, it permits other students to be sexually abused or assaulted by their classmates. It’s common that sexual predators are frequently older students who prey on younger students who are defenseless.

Reporting Sexual Abuse Within The Statute Of Limitations

Law firms understand that it can be difficult to report abuse against a boarding school that may be known within the residential community as a school with high regard. If anything, that’s more of a reason to report the abuse because more than likely, you’re not the only one who has experienced abuse. Telling your story can prevent sexual abuse from continuing and will help protect children attending the accused boarding schools.

Students may be concerned about being shunned by the society they’ve grown up around, as well as being tied to a scandal that might harm their classmates and professors, who have become like family to them. They may also be afraid of being singled out for resentment and bullying if they complain. Also, there are quite a few boarding schools that are tied to different religious organizations that can have a major effect on the ability to file a boarding school abuse lawsuit.

Each State Has Their Own Statute Of Limitations

There are several factors that are taken into account when qualifying for a child abuse claim filed within your state, some include but are not limited to:

  • the age of the victim when the abuse occurred
  • the age of the victim on the civil lawsuit filed date
  • the state where the abuse happened
  • the age of the perpetrator at the time of the incident
  • where the incident took place

Learn more about the statute of limitations for your state if you want to seek justice. The statute of limitations is determined at a state level, so it’s best to contact our law office to learn the legal deadline for you to file a boarding school sexual abuse claim.

Most Recent Boarding School Cas

Several well-known boarding schools have lately come under scrutiny for claims of widespread child sexual abuse:

Agape Boarding School Investigation

Former students from Alabama, Texas, and Michigan have filed two lawsuits against Agape Boarding School for multiple incidents that allegedly occurred of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse while in their care in recent months. Agape Baptist Church owns and operates Agape Boarding School, a private boarding school for boys in Missouri. The complaints were filed in the Circuit Court of Cedar County, Missouri, and Monsees & Mayer P.C., Abuse Guardians local counsel in Missouri, is representing the victims. Justice Guardians is one of the law firms representing survivors by co-counseling with Monsees & Mayer.

For more information visit:

St. George’s School Lawsuit

With over 60 different allegations from victims of abuse, this Rhode Island boarding school allegedly had cases of rape, assault, molestation, and other forms of sexual abuse dating back to the 1980s. A report from The Guardian shared that 6 facility members abused about 20 students during their time at St. George’s. Victims of the sexual abuse referred to the boarding school as “private hell.”

Horace Mann Private School Abuse Lawsuit

The prominent school located in New York, allegedly had over 60 students that experienced some form of sexual abuse or assault from the years of 1962 up until 1996. The abuse allegation was said to have come from over 24 faculty and staff members of the school and is a shock to many that this remained a secret for so long. But with so many related stories, it was only a matter of time before the light was shed on the affected victims who had suffered decades ago.

Miracle Meadows Lawsuit

Brian Kent and Jesse Forbes, who work with Justice Guardians, recently reached a settlement in a shocking case of child sexual and physical abuse at Miracle Meadows Christian boarding school in West Virginia. The settlement was $52,000,000 on behalf of 29 victims. It isn’t too late to submit a claim if you or someone you love has been a victim of abuse at Miracle Meadows. Individuals 36 years and younger who have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted as a child may still be able to file a claim with help from the law firms working on this case. Justice Guardians is one of the law firms representing survivors on this case.

To read more, visit: Miracle Meadows School Abuse Lawsuit Settles For $52 Million

Cumberland Hospital Sex Abuse Case

Cumberland Hospital also known as Cumberland Academy, is located in New Kent County, Virginia, and is currently involved in a horrific sexual abuse lawsuit against two doctors who allegedly abused multiple children while under their care and supervision. Families of 20 former Cumberland patients have teamed together to file a lawsuit alleging the facility of sexual and physical abuse over a 12-year span while seeking $127 million in damages to the families involved. Justice Guardians is one of the law firms representing survivors of this claim.

Top Boarding Schools In The United States

Children are put into boarding schools across the United States in hopes that it allows them to get the best education, undivided attention, and chance to become admitted to some of the most prestigious colleges in the future. Some of the top boarding schools include but are not limited to:

  • Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire
  • The Putney School in Vermont
  • Church Farm School in Pennsylvania
  • St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire
  • Asheville School in North Carolina
  • St. Andrew’s School in Delaware
  • Woodberry Forest in Virginia
  • Trinity-Pawling in New York
  • The Hill School in Pennsylvania
  • Peddie School in New Jersey

Filing A Boarding School Claim

There are legal options available to victims of sexual abuse in a boarding school. The majority of abuse allegations will name the actual perpetrator. They might be a teacher, a member of the staff or facility, or another student. Many of these claims, however, also name the boarding schools where the abuse occurred. Residential schools carry high expectations for protecting children so when a civil lawsuit is filed against them, so working with a team of lawyers on your sexual assault or abuse case will not only prevent further abuse or sexual misconduct but also make sure the responsible party is held liable for their alleged acts against the victim.

What Are The Next Steps For Families Who Find Themselves Facing The Unthinkable

Based on the facts of your case, an experienced staff member can assist you in determining your legal avenues. To learn more about filing a boarding school abuse claim, contact a member of our legal team today to get started on the legal claims process. Justice Guardians is dedicated to protecting the rights of victims who have experienced any type of sexual abuse of sexual assault from either private schools or boarding schools within Pennsylvania.

Justice Is Just A Step Away – Schedule Your Confidential Consultation Now

Whether you or your loved one is a current student or former student, you have unlimited access to help and guidance from our law firms. We can assist you in recovering compensation by seeking damages including emotional distress due to the horrific tragedy you have been through. Allow our legal team to step in and help you take your life back. Contact us today to schedule your free, confidential case consultation.

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