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Los Angeles County, CA – Three former students have filed a lawsuit against the El Monte School District in Los Angeles County, accusing the district of failing to report repeated instances of sexual abuse by staff members. The legal action comes after an extensive exposé by Business Insider uncovered a disturbing pattern of misconduct allegations spanning decades at Rosemead High School, located at 9063 Mission Dr, Rosemead, CA 91770.

Lawsuit Alleges Schools Negligence and Failure to Report Child Sex Abuse Allegations

According to the lawsuit, the district systematically neglected to report accusations of child sexual abuse to law enforcement, as required by state law. Instead, the school conducted internal investigations and allowed accused staff members to continue working and interacting with students.

School Sex Abuse Victims Demand External Investigations

The former students are calling for investigations by the U.S. Department of Education and the State Attorney General’s office, citing the district’s repeated negligence in handling misconduct reports.

High School Sexual Assault Allegations Span 2005 to 2009

The lawsuit details allegations against a teacher and two coaches between 2005 and 2009. One victim, a former cross country athlete, alleges she was sexually abused by a coach and later by a teacher to whom she reported the initial abuse.

Despite reporting the incidents, the victim claims the school’s response was dismissive: “We made our reports, and the response we got was ‘There was not enough witnesses.’ So that was it.”

The school district’s superintendent, Eduard Zuniga, failed to unequivocally state that sexual abuse allegations against teachers would be reported to law enforcement, contradicting legal requirements.

The school district has not yet responded to requests for comment on the allegations.

Holding Schools Accountable for Failing To Protect Children From Sexual Abuse

When students are sexually abused by teachers and staff, the trauma extends far beyond the initial criminal acts. Schools have a legal and moral obligation to protect students, yet many cases reveal systemic failures to properly report misconduct to authorities. We sat down with Bobby Thompson, Esq., an experienced California attorney, to examine the legal avenues for righting these wrongs and enacting real change.

Laurence Banville, Esq. (LB): Thank you for joining us Bobby. In light of the lawsuit recently filed, what recourse do survivors of school sex abuse have in cases like these?

Bobby Thompson, Esq. (BT): Victims of sexual abuse by school employees have strong legal grounds to pursue civil lawsuits against both the perpetrator and the school district. Schools have a heightened responsibility to protect students and can be held liable for negligence if they failed to properly address reported misconduct.

LB: How can schools be held accountable?

BT: Lawsuits can seek financial damages from negligent school districts to compensate victims. More importantly, they can drive policy changes and external oversight to correct systemic failures in reporting abuse. Aggressive legal action puts schools on notice that covering up misconduct has severe consequences.

LB: What’s the process for victims considering legal action?

BT: I always recommend victims first prioritize their safety and well-being. Then, consult an experienced attorney who can evaluate the specifics of their case. There are statutes of limitation, but many cases allow for delayed reporting, given the trauma involved.

No Student Should Suffer in Silence

Attorney Bobby Thompson urges any students who have experienced sexual abuse or harassment to know that there is help available. By coming forward, victims can not only pursue justice and compensation, but also drive systemic reforms to make schools safer for all students. We offer free and confidential consultations to evaluate potential cases and guide victims through the legal process. No student should have to suffer in silence when their rights have been violated.


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