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Chesapeake, VA – A former private school teacher in Chesapeake has been charged with felony solicitation of child pornography and felony use of communication systems to facilitate certain offenses involving children. The Chesapeake Police Department launched an investigation in January 2024 after receiving information about the alleged illegal activities of 31-year-old Daniel Fleming.

Former Math Teacher Arrested for Sending Explicit Snapchat Messages to 15-Year-Old Boy

Court documents allege that on January 1, Fleming used the social media platform Snapchat to ask a 15-year-old boy for nude photos. The boy reportedly declined, but Fleming allegedly sent back an explicit photo of himself.

History as a Private School Teacher and Church Youth Ministries

Fleming was previously employed as a math teacher at Greenbrier Christian Academy in Chesapeake. He resigned from that position last June and later started working at StoneBridge School, also in Chesapeake. At the time of his arrest, Fleming had recently begun a new job at the Cavalier Hotel. Reports also suggest that Fleming was involved in a local church’s youth ministry.

Community Reaction to Arrest of Former Private School Teacher

Jeff Roberts, a father of two young children who lives near Fleming, expressed his shock and disgust at the allegations. “It makes your skin crawl,” he said. Roberts stressed the importance of warning kids about online predators and advising them not to send any personal photos or respond to strangers.

Chesapeake police are asking anyone with information about Fleming’s alleged crimes to contact the Investigations Unit or submit a tip. Fleming is scheduled to appear in court on April 12 for a bond hearing.

Legal Options Available for Victims of Private School Sexual Abuse

To better understand the legal rights and options available for victims in cases involving sexual abuse at the hand of a private school teacher, we spoke with Kevin Biniazan, Esq., an experienced Virginia sex abuse lawyer.

Laurence Banville, Esq. (LB):  Thank you for joining us today, Kevin. Some people may wonder if the exchange of explicit photos with children is considered child sexual abuse. Can you clear this up for them?

Kevin Biniazan, Esq. (KB): Absolutely. Any sexual content involving a minor, whether it’s the creation, possession, or distribution of explicit images, is considered child sexual abuse material (CSAM) under the law. This is true regardless of whether the minor “consented” to the activity.

When a teacher who holds a position of authority and trust over a student, engages in this kind of exploitative behavior, it is a clear abuse of that power dynamic. The teacher is taking advantage of the student for their own sexual gratification, which is a form of child sexual abuse.

LB: Kevin, what are the legal rights and options for victims of sexual abuse by a private school teacher?

KB: When a teacher or other school employee engages in sexual misconduct with a student, the school can be held legally responsible. Schools have a duty to protect their students from harm, and if they fail to do so, they can be sued for negligence

Victims of sexual abuse by a teacher may be able to recover damages for the harm they’ve suffered, including medical expenses, therapy costs, and compensation for the emotional trauma. It’s important for victims and their families to know that they have rights and that there are ways to hold the school accountable.

LB: How can victims and their families go about holding a negligent school responsible in these types of cases?

KB: The first step is to speak with an experienced sex abuse attorney who can evaluate the case and advise on the best legal options. This may involve filing a civil lawsuit against the school for failing to protect the student. The attorney can also help navigate the criminal justice system and ensure the victim’s rights are protected.

Victims and their families must not hesitate to speak up and seek justice. Schools must be held accountable for allowing these types of abuses to occur under their supervision. With the right legal representation, victims can get the support and compensation they deserve.

Free Consultations for Survivors of Private School Abuse

It’s crucial that victims and their families don’t hesitate to speak up and seek justice. Schools need to be held accountable when they allow these types of abuses to occur under their watch. With the right legal representation, victims can get the support and compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse by a teacher or other school employee, we encourage you to contact us for a free, confidential consultation. Our team of experienced sex abuse attorneys can evaluate your case and advise on the best legal options to hold the school accountable and get you the justice you deserve.


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