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Was Donald Domelle Listed In The SBC Abuse Investigation Report?

Donald Domelle, a former pastor of the Baptist Temple of Salinas, was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison after admitting to two felony counts of sexual conduct with a child. He was accused of assaulting a 16-year-old mentally disabled girl, but it was later discovered that he had intercourse with his adoptive daughter when she was between the ages of 10 and 19 and lived in his home.

Southern Baptist Convention Sexual Abuse Helpline

SBC Guidepost Report Names

According to the Washington Post, a 300-page report was launched on Sunday, May 22, 2022. The file includes scary new information relating to particular abuse occurrences and clarify how denominational authorities actively hindered abuse prevention and change for several years.

Southern Baptist Convention leaders have actually announced a comprehensive and independent third-party examination that discovered that abusers were typically ignored, forgotten, or even denounced by upper-level church representatives from within this religious denomination of more than 16 million individuals. Moreover, it showed these leaders typically lied to their very own members to stop them from knowing the unchecked sexual misbehavior.

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A Record of Disregarded Mishandling

For nearly twenty years, victims who were sexually abused tried to contact the administration of the “SBC” about the pastors and church staff members. Almost all of these disclosed events fell outside of the SOL, making it unclear the number of perpetrators were actually charged. According to the document, a secret record was kept. Victims’ cries for accountability went unheeded as leaders from churches and companies tried to shield themselves rather than those who have been taken advantage of by sexual abuse.

The report claims that a senior Southern Baptist leader was credibly accused of sexual assault merely 1 month after finishing his two-year stretch as the convention’s president. Furthermore, Johnny Hunt, a widely known Georgia Southern Baptist preacher and senior vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s objectives arm, was credibly implicated of assaulting a female during a 2010 trip in Panama City Beach, Florida. The North American Mission Board president declared he was unaware of the accusations prior to Hunt resigning on May thirteenth. The report likewise identifies three prior presidents of the convention, a previous vice president, and the previous head of the SBC’s administrative arm as prominent SBC leaders who assisted in covering for and even motivated alleged abusers.

Responsibility in the Southern Baptist Church

Russell Moore, the former head of the SBC’s policy branch, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, stated ‘this is not all Southern Baptists, look at all the good we do.’ The Report demonstrates a trend of stonewalling, coverup, intimidation, and retaliation.” He anticipates this report will deliver much-needed change and hold those accountable for their misconduct.

He desires this report will bring much-needed reform and hold those accountable for their horrific acts of abuse.

To learn more about information and resources available to survivors of sexual abuse in California, read our page:

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