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Abuse Guardians
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Dublin, CA – Another former staff member at the scandal-plagued Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin has been sentenced for sexual abuse of inmates. The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday that Nakie Nunley, 48, of Fairfield, received a six-year federal prison term after being convicted on multiple counts of sexual abuse at the women’s prison located at 5701 8th St, Dublin, CA 94568.

Abused Position to Sexually Abuse Inmates

Nunley, who pleaded guilty, abused his position of authority over five women inmates he supervised at the prison’s UNICOR program between March 2020 and November 2021. He engaged in oral and vaginal sex acts with one victim and digitally penetrated another on multiple occasions. Nunley also had sexual contact with three other prisoners under his watch.

Retaliation Against Victims Sexually Abused by Prison Guard

Disturbingly, Nunley retaliated against inmates who complained about his conduct. When one victim raised concerns about his behavior with another prisoner, he threatened to have her transferred. Prosecutors stated Nunley told another victim “if she wanted to keep her job at UNICOR, she needed to pull down her underwear and bend over,” which she complied with before he slapped her buttocks.

Many other inmates were deported or threatened to be deported if they reported the sexual abuse.

Predator Prison Staffer Lied to Investigators

Nunley also lied to federal investigators about his crimes during the probe into the widespread sexual abuse occurring at the Dublin facility.

Sexual Abuse Rampant in California Women’s Correctional Facility

The abuse scandal has rocked the low-security women’s prison, which a federal judge called a “cesspool.” Multiple former employees, including the former warden and chaplain, have been sentenced for sexually abusing inmates and lying about it. In March, a judge appointed a special master to oversee reforms at the “dysfunctional mess.”

The Guardian reported in April that eight FCI Dublin employees have been charged with sexually abusing female inmates.

Women’s Prison in Dublin Shut Down Amid Failure to Protect Inmates From Sexual Abuse

As of May 1, 2024, all the women inmates were either transferred to other prisons, released, or moved to community placement programs, according to bureau spokesperson Randilee Giamusso. She said each inmate was carefully evaluated to determine the best new placement for them, with the goal of keeping them as close as possible to their expected release locations. Giamusso also said the inmates were able to maintain access to their legal representatives after the transfers. The bureau did not provide specifics on how many women were sent to other prisons or the locations of those facilities.

Giamusso stated the closure of the Dublin prison is only temporary while they assess the facility and inmate population needs to decide the next steps. No employees will be losing their jobs due to the closure.

Holding Prisons Accountable for Inmate Sexual Abuse

The rampant sexual abuse uncovered at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin has appalled the nation. While criminal cases have resulted in convictions of several staff members, the legal implications extend beyond criminal penalties. To examine the civil recourse available to survivors and strategies to enforce accountability on negligent prisons, we spoke with Bobby Thompson, Esq., an experienced California sexual assault lawyer.

Attorney Laurence Banville: Thank you for joining us, Mr. Thompson. We’re here to discuss the legal rights of individuals who have suffered sexual assault in women’s prisons. Can you provide some guidance on the options available to hold negligent parties accountable?

Bobby Thompson, Esq.: Thank you for having me, Laurence. It’s important to address the legal avenues for victims of sexual assault in women’s prisons. Holding negligent parties accountable can be a complex process, but there are options available. Victims have the right to report the abuse to prison authorities, law enforcement agencies, or seek legal representation. Filing complaints against the perpetrators and the prison itself for failing to provide adequate protection are potential steps victims can take. Additionally, pursuing legal action may lead to compensation for the physical and emotional harm experienced.

Banville: Can you elaborate on the importance of seeking legal counsel for victims of sexual assault in women’s prisons?

Thompson: Absolutely, Laurence. Seeking legal counsel is crucial for victims to navigate the legal process effectively. It’s essential to consult with experienced attorneys who specialize in sexual assault cases. These attorneys can provide guidance, ensure victims are aware of their rights, and explore the best course of action. They will gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a strong case to hold negligent parties accountable. Victims should remember that they are not alone, and there are legal professionals dedicated to seeking justice on their behalf.

Banville: Thank you for emphasizing the importance of legal representation, Mr. Thompson. What advice would you give to victims who may be hesitant to come forward and seek help?

Thompson: It’s understandable that victims may have concerns about coming forward, but it’s important for them to remember that their voices matter and their experiences deserve to be heard. My advice would be to reach out to organizations that provide support for survivors of sexual assault. They can offer guidance, resources, and emotional support throughout the process. In addition, consulting with a knowledgeable attorney can help victims understand their legal rights and the steps they can take to seek justice.

Banville: Thank you, Mr. Thompson, for sharing your insights and expertise on this critical matter. Your guidance will undoubtedly provide valuable information to victims and their families who may be navigating the challenging path toward justice.

Thompson: Thank you, Laurence. It’s crucial to continue raising awareness about the rights of victims and the importance of holding negligent parties accountable. By working together and providing support, we can strive for a system that prioritizes the well-being and safety of those who have suffered sexual assault in women’s prisons.

Get Justice: Free Case Review for Survivors of Prison Sexual Assault

The systemic failures that enabled widespread abuse at FCI Dublin are unacceptable. No prisoner should ever be subjected to the horrific trauma of sexual violence, especially by those tasked with their supervision and care. If you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse while incarcerated, you have rights and may be entitled to significant compensation. Our team of sexual abuse attorneys specializes in holding perpetrators and negligent institutions fully accountable. Contact us today for a confidential, free case evaluation. You are not alone, and we fight tirelessly for survivors to get the justice they deserve.


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