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Philadelphia, PA – A 68-year-old Delaware County man, Keith Steininger, faces grave charges for sexually assaulting a child while serving as a teacher at Girard College and a Boy Scout troop leader. The alarming revelations came to light after the victim’s foster parent reported the abuse to authorities.

Vulnerable Child Sexually Abused Over Two Years By Boarding School Teacher

According to officials, the victim, aged 11 to 13 at the time, endured sexual abuse by Steininger between 2018 and 2022. The child confided in their foster parent about being touched inappropriately in their “private parts” while under Steininger’s care as a teacher and Boy Scout leader.

Boy Scout Leader Admitted to Sexual Abusing Child at PA Boarding School

In a disturbing turn of events, Steininger admitted to the sexual contact and apologized to the victim during a phone call on April 11. The abuse allegedly ceased once the child left Girard College and stopped visiting Steininger’s home.

District Outrage Over Child Sexual Abuse

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer expressed profound dismay, stating, “The defendant in this case worked with children, many of whom were particularly vulnerable by virtue of coming to Girard through the foster care system, for more than 41 years. He was placed in a position of particular respect by becoming a Boy Scout troop leader. It is both heartbreaking and deeply disturbing that such an individual would take advantage of a vulnerable child.”

Girard College and the Boy Scouts’ Cradle of Liberty Council have pledged full cooperation with the investigation and have taken immediate action against Steininger.

Charges and Potential Additional Victims

Steininger faces charges including sexual contact with a student, indecent assault of a person under 13, unlawful contact with a minor, endangering the welfare of a child, and related offenses. He is currently held on $250,000 bail, awaiting a preliminary hearing on May 2.

Authorities believe there could be more victims and urge anyone with information to contact the Upland Police Department at 610-872-3040 extension 207 or Detective Sergeant Steven Bannar of the Criminal Investigations Division at 610-891-4118.

This deeply unsettling case highlights the importance of vigilance and swift action to protect vulnerable children from predators who exploit positions of trust.

Navigating the Legal Landscape of Child Sex Abuse

To gain a deeper understanding of the legal implications in cases involving boarding school teachers and Boy Scouts leaders, we spoke with child sexual abuse attorney Guy D’Andrea, Esq., an experienced Pennsylvania lawyer.

Laurence Banville, Esq.: Thank you for joining us, Guy. In general, what legal options are available for victims sexually abused by a Boy Scout leader or boarding school teacher?

Guy D’Andrea, Esq.: Victims have the right to pursue civil lawsuits against the perpetrator and any negligent organizations involved, such as the Boy Scouts of America or the boarding school. These cases often involve claims of negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other torts.

Banville: How can negligent parties be held accountable in such cases?

D’Andrea: Just like public schools, boarding schools and organizations like the Boy Scouts have a duty to properly vet and supervise their leaders, as well as implement effective child protection policies. Failure to do so can constitute negligence, opening them up to liability. Thorough investigations are crucial to uncover any lapses in safety protocols.

Banville: What damages can victims seek in these lawsuits?

D’Andrea: Victims may be entitled to compensatory damages for emotional distress, medical expenses, and other losses. In egregious cases involving willful misconduct or cover-ups, punitive damages may also be awarded to punish the responsible parties and deter future wrongdoing.

Banville: Thank you for sharing this helpful information.

D’Andrea: Absolutely, it is important that we discuss this topic to inform victims they are not alone and deserve to seek justice.

Find Your Voice, Secure Your Rights

If you or a loved one has suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a trusted authority figure like a boarding school teacher, Scout leader, or other youth organization representative, know that you are not alone. The path to healing and justice can be daunting, but experienced legal advocates are here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out today to schedule a confidential, no-obligation consultation. Our compassionate team will listen to your story, explain your options, and fight tirelessly to protect your rights and hold accountable those who enabled such reprehensible acts. You deserve to have your voice heard and your suffering validated – let us be the powerful allies you need in this difficult journey.


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