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Miracle Meadows School Abuse Lawsuit Settles For $52 Million
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A lawyer that is partnered with Abuse Guardians Jesse Forbes, recently announced a settlement in a horrifying instance of child physical and sexual abuse at Miracle Meadows Christian boarding school in West Virginia. On behalf of 29 victims, the settlement was $52,000,000 (fifty two million dollars).

Miracle Meadows Lawsuit Settlement
Miracle Meadows Lawsuit Settlement Lawyers

Is There Still Time To Submit A Claim?

The statute of limitations is a legal term that refers to the amount of time a victim of abuse has to make a claim. If you or a loved one was sexually or physically abused at Miracle Meadows in West Virginia, you should contact an attorney right away to see if your claim is admissible under the stringent time constraints. Do not put it off any longer. You could be entitled to significant monetary compensation to help you on your way to recovery.

Under West Virginia new child sexual abuse laws, individuals who are currently 36 (thirty six) years old or younger, who suffered childhood sexual abuse, may still bring civil claims against the perpetrators and enablers of abuse. This type of legal analysis is best reserved to attorneys experienced in evaluating the facts of such cases, so please contact an attorney regarding the applicable statute of limitations in your case.  To read more about the changes in the statute visit:

What Had Been Going On At Miracle Meadows?

Given the details of abuse disclosed in this civil litigation, the school has now been closed, which is a just consequence. Several horrifying incidents of abuse were recorded by the settlement’s clients, including:

  • severe seclusion while duct-taped or shackled to a chair in a cramped space
  • “Quarantine” entailed being fed only rice and beans for weeks, if not months, at a period.
  • a number of savage beatings and physical abuse
  • sexual assault and exploitation
  • starvation

The Miracle Meadows Lawsuit’s Background

The boarding school first opened its doors in 1987 and closed its doors in 2014. The school’s mission was to help youngsters aged seven to seventeen who had behavioral problems. Unfortunately, the school’s position of trust was compromised due to the actions and omissions of administrators and certain employees. Over the years, the pupils have been subjected to unspeakable acts of cruelty and hardship. Susan Gayle Clark, the Miracle Meadows administrator, covered up and suppressed the abuse. Local government and law enforcement were aware of abuse claims at the school as early as 1994, but administrators used a scorched earth strategy to ensure that all investigations concluded without a scandal, allowing the school to continue its reign of terror over its kids.

Evidence of abuse accumulated over time. The fact that the youngsters arrived from all across the United States and other nations was a dilemma for local authorities. The child would be brought back home as soon as they made progress in their inquiry, and direct testimony would be unavailable. Miracle Meadows hired people from all over the world, and before they could be quizzed about what they saw, they were sent back and their work visas were revoked. For many years, this control mechanism allowed the institution to operate in such a heinous manner.

Susan Gale Clark and Timothy Arrington are facing charges after a raid on Miracle Meadows.

Finally, in 2014, West Virginia law enforcement officials gathered enough evidence to justify storming the facility to ensure the students’ safety. Nineteen pupils were removed from the school when it was forced to close. Susan Gayle Clark, the administrator, was arrested and charged with child negligence, obstruction of justice, and failure to report. She was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 5 years on probation. Mr. Timothy Arrington, another lead teacher at Miracle Meadows, was also arrested on charges of choking and inflicting serious physical abuse on children.

For more information on the settlement, visit:

Visit our page for information and resources available to sexual abuse survivors in West Virginia:

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