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Middletown, IN – A central Indiana man working as a youth pastor, substitute teacher, and coach has been arrested on child sex crime charges, including sexual misconduct with children and child solicitation.

Youth Pastor Arrested for Child Sex Crimes

A man from Sulphur Springs, Indiana, who worked as a youth pastor, substitute teacher, and coach, has been taken into custody on charges related to child sex crimes.

Bryan Crabtree was apprehended Thursday afternoon by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) following an investigation sparked by reports of sexual misconduct involving minors.

Youth Pastor Terminated Following Arrest for Child Sex Crimes

Crabtree served as a youth pastor at Sulphur Springs Christian Church, which promptly terminated his employment upon his arrest. Additionally, he worked as a substitute teacher and coach within the Shenandoah School Corporation, which has been notified of the charges by HCSO.

Preliminary Charges of Sexual Misconduct and Ongoing Probe for More Victims

As of now, Crabtree is facing preliminary charges of Sexual Misconduct with a Minor, a Level 4 Felony, as well as three counts of Child Solicitation, each a Level 5 Felony.

Henry County officials have stated that the investigation into Crabtree’s actions is ongoing, and additional charges may be filed before the case proceeds to trial. Court records have yet to reflect an initial hearing date.

Holding Negligent Churches Accountable: Pastor Sexual Abuse Cases

The arrest of youth pastor Bryan Crabtree on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor and child solicitation has raised questions about legal recourse for victims. To provide clarity, we spoke with Jeff Gibson, an experienced Indiana attorney representing survivors of sexual abuse. Gibson offered his perspective on the rights available to those impacted and how the civil justice system can hold perpetrators and negligent organizations responsible.

Laurence Banville, Esq.: In cases like this involving a youth pastor accused of sexually abusing children, what legal options do victims and their families have?

Jeff Gibson, Esq.: Victims have the right to pursue civil lawsuits against the perpetrator as well as any organization that failed to properly screen, supervise or protect children from foreseeable abuse. Churches, schools and other employers can be held liable for negligence that may have enabled abuse to occur.

Banville: How can victims seek justice and compensation?

Gibson: It’s critical for victims to consult an experienced sex abuse attorney. We can investigate all responsible parties, build a strong case, and fight for maximum compensation for damages like emotional trauma, counseling expenses, and more. Holding abusers and enablers accountable is paramount.

Get Justice and Compensation: Free Case Review

For victims of sexual abuse by youth pastors, teachers, coaches, or others in positions of authority, it’s important to understand your legal rights. Our compassionate team of sexual abuse attorneys is here to listen, advise, and fight tirelessly on your behalf. We encourage anyone who has suffered abuse to contact us for a confidential, no-obligation case evaluation. Our experienced attorneys will review the details, explain your options, and if we take your case, we’ll pursue maximum compensation from all responsible parties. Don’t wait – your path to justice and healing starts with a call.


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