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Upland, CA – A disturbing video has surfaced capturing a Southern California student being physically and sexually assaulted during an alleged hazing incident at Upland High School located at 565 W 11th St, Upland, CA 91786. The victim, who had joined the baseball team at Upland High School, was subjected to constant assault along with bullying and harassment, according to the teen’s family.

“It’s heartwrenching and it’s disturbing,” said Priscilla Villanueva, the victim’s mother.

Locker Room Hazing Assault Filmed by Teammates

An assault targeting the boy in the locker room on February 14, 2024, was captured on cell phone video. The footage shows the boy being trapped in a headlock by a teammate. As he struggles, other players surround him, pulling his pants and eventually sexually assaulting him with a PVC pipe, Villanueva said.

“Another student gets a PVC pipe and inserts it into his bottom area while another student is videoing his face while he is being headlocked,” she explained. “Then he’s thrown to the floor and they continue to choke him out.”

History of Hazing Videos Shared in Group Chat

The varsity baseball team members allegedly subjected younger students to these hazing rituals. They would often record the assaults and send the videos to a group chat, according to the victim’s family.

Allegations of Coach’s Negligence

The family claims the team’s coach turned a blind eye to the hazing rituals and that school administrators failed to protect students from such abuse.

Victim’s Trauma and $3 Million Claim

Villanueva said her son is too anxious to return to campus and is being homeschooled. She recalled his personality change but didn’t realize it was due to bullying.

Following the incident, the family filed a legal claim against the Upland Unified School District seeking over $3 million in damages.

Other Alleged Victims Urged to Come Forward

Since the assault video was released, the family’s lawyer said they’ve received calls from other students who were also allegedly subjected to hazing and bullying on campus.

School District’s Response and Investigation Into Hazing Allegations

District officials said an internal and external review of the incident will be conducted. In a statement, the superintendent’s office said they are “taking this situation very seriously” and have launched an investigation while being “careful not to jeopardize confidentiality.”

Hazing Victims’ Rights: Legal Accountability for Sexual Abuse

In cases of sexual abuse through hazing, victims have legal recourse to hold perpetrators and negligent third parties responsible. We sat down with Mike Pfau, an experienced California attorney representing hazing and sexual abuse victims, to discuss the rights available to survivors and how to seek justice.

Laurence Banville, Esq.: Mr. Pfau, can you explain the legal rights available to victims of sexual abuse through hazing?

Mike Pfau, Esq.: Absolutely. Victims have the right to pursue civil claims against the perpetrators as well as any negligent third parties, such as schools or organizations that failed to prevent or address the hazing. This can include claims for damages like medical expenses, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

Banville: How can negligent parties be held accountable in these cases?

Pfau: Negligence claims can be brought if the school or organization knew or reasonably should have known about the hazing but failed to take appropriate action. For example, if coaches or administrators were aware of previous incidents but did nothing to stop it. Victims can seek to hold them liable for allowing an unsafe environment.

Banville: What’s the process like for victims seeking justice and compensation?

Pfau: It starts with filing an administrative claim, like the $3 million claim here, which preserves the right to later file a civil lawsuit. Experienced attorneys can guide victims through this process while also ensuring evidence is properly preserved. Holding wrongdoers accountable is crucial to preventing future tragedies.

Get Help: Free Consultations for Hazing Victims

If you or a loved one has suffered sexual abuse through hazing, know that you have rights and options for legal recourse. Our experienced team is here to fight for justice and maximum compensation for what you’ve endured. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation to explore your case and the path forward.


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