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Greenfield, IN – A 26-year-old man has been arrested in connection with allegations of child molestation during a YMCA afterschool program at J.B. Stephens Elementary School located at 1331 N Blue Rd, Greenfield, IN 46140. The accused, Jericho Johnson of Greenfield, is currently in custody in Hancock County, facing a preliminary child molestation charge. He was an employee of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, 6610 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

Two Children Accuse YMCA Staffer of Inappropriately Touching Them

According to local authorities, the incident came to light after two parents reported that their children had been inappropriately touched by Johnson while under his care at the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis at J.B. Stephens Elementary School. The alleged abuse was reported on Wednesday, February 14, around 5:30 p.m.

Immediate Response to Child Abuse Allegations During After School Program at Elementary School

Upon receiving the report, law enforcement officers responded promptly to the scene. However, Johnson had already left the school premises before their arrival. The YMCA staff cooperated fully with the investigation and provided the necessary information to the police.

YMCA Reacts to Employee Charged With Child Molestation

The YMCA immediately suspended Johnson from his position following the allegations. Additionally, a representative from the YMCA stated that Johnson is now banned from all future YMCA programs and events. The organization expressed its commitment to prioritizing the safety of the children in the community.

Authorities Concerned There Could Be More Victims

In light of this incident, the police are urging families who have had children in the YMCA afterschool program at J.B. Stephens Elementary since January 12, 2024, when Johnson was hired, or have had any contact with Johnson in other capacities, to have conversations with their kids. Authorities recommend discussing the concept of “Good Touch/Bad Touch” and creating an environment where children feel comfortable reporting any incidents of inappropriate contact.

Law enforcement officials have expressed concerns that there may be additional victims who have not yet come forward. They are urging anyone with information related to this case or any potential victims to contact the authorities immediately. The police are working diligently to ensure that all victims receive the necessary support and that justice is served.

Ongoing Investigation After Child Molestation Allegations at a YMCA Afterschool Program in Greenfield, IN

The arrest of Jericho Johnson in connection with child molestation allegations at a YMCA afterschool program in Greenfield has sent shockwaves through the community. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of open communication between parents and children regarding personal boundaries and safety. Local law enforcement is actively investigating the case and encourages anyone with relevant information to come forward as they work to ensure the safety and well-being of all children in the community.

Filing Civil Lawsuits for Afterschool Program Sex Abuse Victims

In light of the recent arrest made in the child molestation case at a YMCA afterschool program in Greenfield, we reached out to attorney Jeff Gibson, Esq., a local Indiana-based sexual abuse lawyer, to explain what sex abuse victims and their families can do in terms of pursuing civil lawsuits against liable parties. Mr. Gibson saw down with Laurence Banville to provide crucial information on the legal options available to child sex abuse victims and their families.

Laurence Banville (LB): Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Gibson. Can you explain what steps victims and their families can take if they were sexually abused at a YMCA afterschool program at an elementary school?

Jeff Gibson (JG): Absolutely, Laurence. When sexual abuse occurs at an organization like a YMCA or during a sponsored program at an elementary school, victims and their families have the right to pursue civil litigation against the liable parties. It’s important to consult with an experienced sexual abuse attorney who specializes in school sexual abuse cases to understand all the legal avenues available.

LB: What parties can be held liable in such cases?

JG: In cases involving sexual abuse at a YMCA afterschool program, potential liable parties may include the individual perpetrator, the organization itself, the school where it took place, and potentially any negligent parties who failed to adequately protect the children. Determining liability requires a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the abuse.

LB: Could you explain the potential benefits of pursuing a civil lawsuit for sex abuse victims?

JG: Certainly, Laurence. Pursuing a civil lawsuit can provide a sense of justice and validation for the victims. It can also help them recover financial compensation for the physical, emotional, and psychological harm they have suffered. Additionally, civil lawsuits can shed light on any institutional failures or negligence that allowed the abuse to occur, potentially leading to improved safety measures and prevention in the future.

LB: What challenges might victims and their families face when pursuing a civil lawsuit?

JG: Victims of sexual abuse often face significant emotional trauma, which can make the legal process challenging. Additionally, gathering evidence and building a strong case requires experienced legal representation. However, with the right attorney by their side, victims and their families can navigate these challenges and seek justice.

LB: What advice would you give to those who may be considering pursuing a civil lawsuit?

JG: My advice would be to reach out to a qualified attorney who specializes in sexual abuse lawsuits. They can provide guidance, support, and legal representation tailored to the specific circumstances of each case. It’s important to remember that victims are not alone, and there are legal resources available to help them through this difficult process.

LB: Thank you, Mr. Gibson, for sharing your valuable insights on this sensitive matter. We hope this information provides clarity and guidance to those affected by this tragic incident.

JG: Thank you, Laurence. It’s crucial that victims and their families understand their rights and options. By raising awareness and advocating for justice, we can work towards preventing such abuses in the future.

Sex Abuse Survivors Are Not Alone! Reach Out For a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one have been affected by sexual abuse in a YMCA afterschool program or any similar incident, we urge you to reach out to us for a confidential and free consultation. Our experienced team, including Indiana sexual abuse attorney Jeff Gibson, Esq., is dedicated to supporting victims and their families through the legal process. We are here to listen, provide guidance, and fight for your rights. Remember, you are not alone, and taking the first step toward seeking justice can make a significant difference. Contact us today to learn more about your options and how we can assist you in your journey toward healing and resolution.

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