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A New Lawsuit Alleging Sports Doctor Sexually Abused Multiple Victims

Sexual assault attorney Brian Kent has been retained by victims filing a lawsuit against the sports physician. Brian is a former sex-crimes prosecutor that now represents victims of sexual assault, helping them get the justice they deserve.

Lawsuit Revealing Minors Sexually Assaulted By Sports Doctor

Dr. William Vollmar was employed at the medical practice of Stephen G. Diamantoni, M.D., who is now the Lancaster County coroner. Additionally, he served as a school physician in many school districts, including:

  • Pequea Valley School District,
  • Middletown Area School District (MASD),
  • Lampeter-Strasburg School District, and
  • Conestoga Valley High School

According to Local 21 News, in April 2021, Dr. William Vollmar was charged with sexually assaulting at least two victims. Vollmar first had contact with one of the victims, listed in the lawsuit as DOE #1, at Conestoga Valley High School. The victim was 15-years-old, and Vollmar worked in the sports training room. The victim said it was not uncommon for Vollmar to give him massages and have him go for a physical check-up at his office owned by Diamantoni.

However, the physician began to request more of the victim’s time and even had him attend an overnight clinic owned by Diamantoni. This was when the physical touching increased. During the summer of 2017, the victim went to see the doctor at his location in Quarryville. It was during this visit that the doctor assaulted him by performing oral sex.

Furthermore, the lawsuit reports that Vollmar brought multiple high school boys to the office owned by Diamantoni. These visits were said to sometimes take place without parents or chaperones, without records of the visit, and often without payment for the services. The victim alleges that the medical practice owner was aware of Vollmar violating normal policies and procedures.

Vollmar also was permitted to conduct a study on the athletes at Conestoga Valley High School. He examined each male player’s genitals during the study to determine how advanced their puberty rate was.

A History of Abuse

The lawsuit stated that in 2009, Vollmar inappropriately touched and examined a female victim at the Lancaster General Hospital. The victim allegedly reported the misconduct to a nurse.

Another adult victim was assaulted during a medical visit on April 9. The man accused Vollmar of offering a chiropractic massage following an ankle examination. The victim had received soft tissue massages before from the doctor, but Vollmar began to touch his genitals this time. When the victim asked him to stop, he asked, “do you want me to finish you?” Vollmar responded to a police interrogation that it was a misunderstanding, and he thought the victim wanted more.

Sexual Assault Victims Seek Justice

Dr. William Vollmar has been charged with sexually assaulting both minors and adults in Lancaster, PA. At least two victims have come forward, filing lawsuits against him. Vollmar is facing one criminal charge of indecent assault. Sexual assault attorney Brian Kent is representing two of these survivors but fears there could be more victims. Below, Brian shares the legal rights available for victims of sexual assault by a doctor.

“Doctors have a position that people often put their trust in, easily confiding with them about personal issues. Medical practices and doctor offices should be a place of safety, without fear of misconduct or abuse. Unfortunately, we often see doctors abusing their positions of trust, taking advantage of their patients. When a doctor has access to a minor, the practice or school should take the proper steps to ensure the children’s safety. Failure to do all they can to minimize the chances for preventable abuse could land the facility accountable. The medical office should maintain that all procedures were followed, including parents or chaperones accompanying the minors during physicals and accurate reporting of each visit.”

“Victims sexually assaulted by a physician can file in both civil and criminal courts. A criminal lawsuit will help to charge the perpetrator and help to keep him from continuing with the abuse. As more victims come forward, and we think there could be more given his access to multiple young boys, the case against him grows stronger. This can help to ensure the alleged abuser cannot abuse any more victims. A civil lawsuit will help the victims seek compensation for their damages. DOE #1 was groomed over several years before the abuse and may need counseling for this traumatic experience.”

“Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of sexual assault should seek the guidance of an experienced sexual assault attorney to better understand their legal rights.”

To learn more about information and resources available to survivors of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania, read our page:

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