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Agape Boarding School Charges Against Two Former Staff Members
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After the courts determined “no reasonable cause that a felony was committed” at Thursday hearings, two men who had been charged with felonies in relation to alleged abuse at a Stockton Agape Boarding School pled guilty to misdemeanor charges. Charges were dropped against the third man involved in the lawsuit.

With ties to the Agape Boarding School, Everett Graves, Scott Dumar, and Christian McElroy were three of the five people Cedar County Prosecutor, Ty Gaither indicted in September 2021. There will be another trial date for the last two people connected to Agape Boarding School this coming week.

Charges against Everett Graves include:

  • one count of Class-E Felony of assault in the 3rd degree

At the hearing, Graves plead guilty to one count of Class-A Felony of assault in the 3rd degree and was sentenced to two years of probation and a suspended imposition sentence. Graves was accused of causing head injuries to a student after causing them to hit their head against a wall.

Charges against Scott Dumar include:

  • four counts of Class-E Felony of assault in the 3rd degree
  • 2 other felony charges

After pleading guilty to two counts of a Class-A Misdemeanor assault, he was sentenced to two-year probation per each misdemeanor with the chance of additional sentencing if probation is violated.

While Dumar was part of the staff at Agape Boarding School, he was accused of rubbing a scouring pad with alcohol on it on the arms of a student, injuring them.

Lastly, charges against Christian McElroy included:

  • one Class-E Felony assault charge

After no proof was shown in court, the charge was dismissed according to the court documents.

Boarding School Abuse Survivors – Legal Recourse

The Agape Boarding School is being accused of enabling abuse, and several victims are being represented by Attorney Reed Martens of Monsees & Mayer P.C. Below, Martens addresses the alternative options open to victims of sexual assault at private boarding schools, including when a school may be held accountable.

“The nation’s most renowned boarding institutions have recently come under fire for allegations of abuse. Sexual and physical abuse by staff members and other students is the subject of numerous ongoing cases. When a school fails to report a staff member’s inappropriate behavior and retains their employment, they are complicit in the abuse.”

“The law gives victims of boarding school employee abuse the chance to seek justice. The abuser is liable for both criminal and civil prosecution. A negligent school may also be held accountable for failing to safeguard kids against risks that may have been avoided. If you or someone you love is a victim of abuse at a boarding school, visit this page:


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