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Queens, New York — Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng, a Queens-based doctor, has been hit with a series of new charges in a shocking case involving the alleged drugging, sexual assault, and filming of multiple women, including patients at prominent New York hospital, New York-Presbyterian.

Cheng, who was initially arrested and charged with rape in December, now faces an additional 50 counts related to the sexual abuse of three patients at New York-Presbyterian Queens hospital and the rape of three other women within his residence, according to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

This development brings the total number of identified victims to seven, yet prosecutors assert that the extent of the assaults goes far beyond these cases. Video evidence discovered by authorities indicates the involvement of at least six other victims across various cities and even countries.

Cheng has entered a plea of not guilty to the new charges, as well as the charges stemming from the December arrest. The new charges, including rape, unlawful surveillance, and criminal possession of a controlled substance, reflect the gravity of the allegations.

In a statement to news media, Cheng’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, conveyed the doctor’s intent to fight the charges.

Since his arrest in December, Cheng has been held without bail and placed on suicide watch, at the request of the district attorney’s office, chief public information officer Frank Sobrino told news outlets.

Cheng’s next court date is set for September 19.

Is New York-Presbyterian Liable For Sexual Assault Committed By Dr. Cheng?

This remains to be seen. There are currently civil claims filed by some of Dr. Cheng’s victims that seek to hold New York-Presbyterian liable.

“The crimes committed by this individual are heinous, despicable, and a fundamental betrayal of our mission and our patients’ trust,” New York-Presbyterian said in a statement. “In December 2022, as soon as the District Attorney made us aware of allegations of sexual abuse against this individual, he was immediately placed off duty, banned from hospital property, and terminated.”

A Series of Disturbing Assaults By Gastroenterologist Dr. Cheng In New York

Cheng received his medical license in May of 2020, according to records maintained by US Health and Human Services. Prosecutors believe the assaults began sometime that year.

Videos allegedly show Cheng assaulting three separate hospital patients between March 2021 and May 2022, all of whom appear unconscious. A recurring detail in the videos is the victim’s closed eyelid being forcibly opened during the assault, as per the district attorney’s office.

Beyond the hospital, Cheng is accused of assaulting or raping three victims within his apartment. These victims reportedly have no memory of the events. Video evidence places Cheng at the scene, handling substances consistent with anesthetics used to sedate patients before surgery.

But the known victims represent only part of the story. The DA’s office has evidence of additional assaults at New York-Presbyterian Queens, Cheng’s Queens apartment, and other locations spanning Westchester County, Manhattan, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and even Thailand.

Queens District Attorney’s Invites Survivors Of Cheng’s Assaults To Step Forward

District Attorney Melinda Katz urges potential victims to come forward. Women who believe they may have been victimized are encouraged to contact her office’s Special Victims Bureau at (718) 286-6505 or

Dr. Cheng Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Filed: New York Presbyterian Accused Of A Pattern of Ignoring Abuse Complaints

One of Cheng’s alleged victims, who was reportedly assaulted at New York-Presbyterian Queens, is now suing the hospital system. The lawsuit claims the hospital knew about Cheng’s actions and conspired to cover them up.

The suit details an incident in June 2021 when a 19-year-old Queens resident was subjected to unnecessary procedures and assault while unconscious. Despite her identification of Cheng and the incident, the hospital did not inform the police or properly document the incident.

The lawsuit also highlights the hospital’s alleged pattern of ignoring abuse complaints, with previous similar cases involving other doctors. Advocates are calling for mandatory law enforcement reporting when patients complain about abuse.

As legal proceedings continue, this case underscores the imperative for accountability and reform within healthcare institutions.

What Can Victims Of Dr. Cheng Sexual Abuse and Assault Do Now?

Below is an interview between attorneys Laurence Banville and Tom Cell discussing the answer to what survivors can do right now. Both are experienced attorneys licensed to practice law in New York and both have worked in the area of representing survivors of sexual abuse and assault for several years.

Laurence Banville (LB): Good day, everyone. I’m Laurence Banville, and joining me is Tom Cell, Today, we’re here to discuss the potential legal options for survivors of Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng’s alleged sexual abuse at New York-Presbyterian Queens hospital.

Tom Cell(TC): Thank you, Laurence. It’s important to shed light on the legal avenues available for survivors in such distressing situations.

LB: Indeed. Given the allegations against Dr. Cheng, what legal paths are open for survivors seeking justice?

TC: First and foremost, survivors can consider pursuing a civil lawsuit against both Dr. Cheng and New York-Presbyterian Queens hospital. These cases can seek compensation for the physical, emotional, and psychological damages caused by the abuse.

LB: Could you elaborate on what compensation entails in these cases?

TC: Certainly. Compensation, often referred to as damages, can cover a range of losses. This includes medical expenses, therapy costs, loss of income, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages to punish the wrongdoer if applicable.

LB: What about the criminal aspect of the case? How do survivors engage with that?

TC: Survivors can cooperate with law enforcement and the district attorney’s office in pursuing criminal charges against Dr. Cheng. Criminal charges can lead to his conviction and imprisonment if found guilty.

LB: What if survivors are concerned about confidentiality and their identity?

TC: Confidentiality is a valid concern. Legal proceedings can be structured to protect survivors’ identities while still seeking justice. Experienced attorneys can guide survivors through this process and ensure their comfort.

LB: And what about the possibility of suing the hospital itself?

TC: Absolutely. Survivors may opt to sue the hospital for negligence, particularly if they can demonstrate that the hospital knew or should have known about Dr. Cheng’s behavior and failed to take appropriate action to prevent it.

LB: Are there any statutes of limitations that survivors need to be aware of?

TC: Yes, statutes of limitations vary based on factors like the survivor’s age at the time of abuse and the type of claim being pursued. It’s crucial to consult with an attorney promptly to understand the limitations that apply in each case.

LB: Lastly, what message do you have for survivors who may be hesitant to come forward?

TC: To survivors: you are not alone. Seeking justice is your right. Reach out to experienced attorneys who can guide you through the legal process and help you regain a sense of control in a difficult situation.

LB: Thank you, David, for sharing your insights on this complex matter. We hope this discussion provides some clarity for survivors seeking a way forward.

TC: Thank you, Laurence. Our goal is to provide survivors with the support and information they need during this challenging time.

Free Case Consultation With Attorneys

If you or a loved one were a victim of Dr. Cheng’s abuse, then feel free to contact Laurence Banville or Tom Cell via the chat or form on this page. They will reach out to you to advise you of your legal options. The consultation is always free, and there is no-obligation.

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