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Shocking Sexual Assault Allegations Inside First Baptist Church – Pastor Monte Chitty Arrested
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Marathon, FL – A shocking incident has come to light in Marathon, Florida, where a 62-year-old pastor, Monte Chitty, stands accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a teenage girl within the premises of the First Baptist Church, located at 200 62nd St, Marathon, FL 33050. The pastor was apprehended on charges of sexual assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor following a distressing revelation.

FL Pastor Arrested for Sexually Abusing a Young Girl

The arrest of Pastor Monte Chitty unfolded after an anonymous caller reported overhearing a 15-year-old girl disclosing to an adult that she had been raped. This prompted deputies to launch an urgent search as the girl and her grandmother set off on a dinghy into the harbor.

Pastor’s Alarming Response Raises Suspicions

In a surprising turn of events, as authorities scrambled to locate the teen, Pastor Chitty preemptively contacted deputies, expressing concerns about potential accusations against him. He claimed innocence, attributing the incident to a young girl who had allegedly consumed alcohol and passed out in the church’s library.

Teen’s Harrowing Account Exposes Pastor’s Sexual Misconduct

Upon being found by deputies, the teenage victim recounted a harrowing experience involving spiked alcohol provided by Chitty, leading to her incapacitation and subsequent inappropriate touching. Text messages further corroborated allegations of sexual misconduct while the victim was in a vulnerable state.

Former Volunteer with Sherriff’s Office Now Behind Bars

Monte Chitty, previously registered as a volunteer with the sheriff’s office, now finds himself behind bars at the Monroe County Jail, charged with grave offenses that have shaken the local community and raised concerns about safeguarding vulnerable individuals within religious institutions.

Exploring Legal Options for Victims of Clergy Abuse

In light of the recent arrest involving a Florida pastor accused of sexual assault, it is important to examine the legal avenues available to victims of clergy abuse. We had the opportunity to speak with attorney Michael Haggard, Esq., an experienced child abuse lawyer based in Florida, to discuss the potential civil cases victims can pursue against liable parties.

Laurence Banville, Esq. (LB): Michael, thank you for joining us today. In cases of abuse by pastors like the recent incident involving Pastor Monte Chitty in Marathon, what options do victims have in pursuing civil action against those responsible?

Michael Haggard, Esq. (MH): It’s a pleasure to be here, Laurence. Victims of abuse by clergy members, such as Pastor Chitty, have the legal right to seek justice through civil litigation. By filing a civil case against liable parties, including the individual perpetrator and potentially the institution they represent, victims can hold them accountable for the harm inflicted.

LB: How can victims navigate the complexities of such cases and ensure their voices are heard in court?

MH: Victims of clergy abuse need compassionate legal representation to guide them through the legal process and advocate for their rights. Working with experienced attorneys who specialize in child abuse cases can provide victims with the support and expertise needed to pursue justice effectively.

LB: What advice would you give to individuals who have been abused by pastors or other religious figures and are considering taking legal action?

MH: It’s crucial for victims to understand that they are not alone and that there are legal avenues available to seek redress for the harm they have suffered. Consulting with a knowledgeable attorney who has a proven track record in handling clergy abuse cases can empower victims to take action and seek the compensation and closure they deserve.

LB: Thank you, Michael, for sharing information on this important topic. Your dedication to seeking justice for survivors is truly commendable.

MH: Thank you, Laurence. It’s been a pleasure discussing this crucial issue with you today.

Seeking Justice and Support? Contact Us for a Free Consultation Today.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of clergy abuse or any form of child abuse, we understand the pain and trauma you have endured. Our compassionate legal team is here to provide support, guidance, and fight for justice on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation, where we can discuss your case and explore the legal options available to you. You are not alone, and we are committed to helping you find healing and resolution. Contact us today to take the first step towards reclaiming your rights and seeking the justice you deserve.


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