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OB/GYN May Have License Suspended After Inappropriate Photos of Patients Surface

According to 13 WTHR, a Grant County OB/GYN may be stripped of his medical license after a patient accused him of sexual assault and taking photographs of her without her consent.

Since the patient made a post on Facebook, numerous women have come forward with their experiences with Dr. William David Moore, a retired 76-year-old obstetrician/gynecologist from Marion, Indiana.  At least four patients and a nurse have come forward with claims that he sexually assaulted and photographed his patients without their consent. In response, the Indiana attorney general’s office has filed a petition for summary suspension of Moore’s medical license, stating he is a “clear and present danger to the public.”

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Could Cost Doctor His Licensed

The petition reports that a patient, listed as “Patient A,” went to Moore for an exam in April of 2021. During the examination, Moore allegedly told her he was going to take photographs after inserting a speculum into her vagina. However, she then heard the shutter sound associated with an iPhone. Once he removed the speculum, the patient alleged he inserted his fingers and rubbed her genitals in a sexual manner.

Patient B reported a different experience. During her appointment, Moore asked her if she was sexually active and then replied by saying, “Oh, you’re so pure.” He then went on to say, “If you aren’t sexually active within the next year, I will have to manually break your hymen because it’s hard for me to see.”

The petition further reports that Moore took non-consensual photos of his patients’ genitals and had several patients come in for unnecessary exams without providing results. A Marion General Hospital nurse came forward, saying she learned from fellow nurses that worked with Moore would often have to cover his lap during vaginal deliveries because he would have erections.

The medical licensing board is expected to hold a hearing next week to determine if Moore’s license should be suspended. In the meantime, Moore is still listed as a provider on Marion General Hospital’s website and as the Grant County Health Department health officer. If the state board finds the allegations against Moore are true, his license could be permanently revoked in addition to other possible consequences.

Victims of Doctor Sexual Assault Can File Lawsuits

When a patient’s trust is violated by a medical professional, they may wonder what to do next and who to talk to. Our staff sat down with Jeff Gibson to discuss the legal right and options victims sexually assaulted by a doctor have.

LB: Thank you for speaking with us today about victims’ rights if they have been sexually assaulted by a doctor. Could you tell us what rights victims have in this situation?

JG: Absolutely. Victims of sexual assault by a doctor have a variety of legal rights, depending on the circumstances of the case. They can seek compensation for damages, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. They may also be eligible to pursue a civil lawsuit against the doctor or negligent doctor’s office and in certain cases, a criminal prosecution.

LB: How can hospitals or medical offices keep their patients safe from these dangers?

JG: Hospitals have a responsibility to ensure patients are safe from any form of sexual abuse during exams. They must provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients by maintaining clear policies and procedures around examinations and having trained staff knowledgeable about preventing and responding to any form of sexual abuse. Hospitals are also expected to provide clear and comprehensive information to patients about their rights and what resources are available to them if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable during an examination.

LB: What kind of legal advice would you recommend victims seek in this situation?

JG: It is highly recommended that victims speak with a qualified attorney experienced in handling sexual assault cases. The lawyer can help them understand their rights and guide them through the legal process. In some cases, it may be beneficial for victims to file a complaint with the appropriate medical board, which can take disciplinary actions against the doctor if the allegations are found to be true.

Get Justice For Sexual Abuse

When a victim is sexually assaulted by a professional they trust, they need an experienced and compassionate legal team on their side. An experienced attorney can ensure all parties are held accountable for any wrongdoing. Contact our team today to speak with an experienced sexual assault attorney near you.


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