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Hidden camera lens exposed
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Multiple Minors Caught on Hidden Camera in MO Gas Station Bathroom, Suspect Arrested

On January 3, 2023, police were sent to investigate the possibility of a hidden camera in the women’s bathroom at Casey’s General Store located at 316 Ozark St, Cabool, MO 65689. They found a camera and charging block hidden near a vent in the ceiling.

After reviewing the 154 videos on the camera’s sd card, they were able to identify 31-year-old Patrick Pitcher. Pitcher was arrested on Thursday, January 12, 2023, and charged with child pornography, and sexual exploitation of a minor child, among other felonies. Multiple minor children and adults were seen exposed from the waist down in the videos.

What Legal Rights Do I Have if a Victim of Video Voyeurism?

To learn more about the legal rights available for victims of sexual exploitation through sex crimes such as video voyeurism, we sat down with our attorney contributor Reed Martins. Reed is an experienced sexual assault attorney in Missouri committed to ensuring survivors of sexual exploitation get the justice they deserve.

LB – What is Video Voyeurism?

RM – Video voyeurism is an image-based sex crime that involves recording without the knowledge of a person using a device such as a phone or a camera. Invasion of privacy or unauthorized use of a person’s image are factors that can lead to criminal charges. People mostly think sex crimes, such as sexual abuse, only pertain to physical touching, but voyeurism is a type of sexual abuse that doesn’t involve physical contact. Too often the victims of these sex crimes are minors exploited for child pornography.

LB – What are some examples of video voyeurism?

RM – There are many types of image-based sex crimes, but the most common include:

  • Peeping Tom Cameras: These cameras are often hidden in places where victims wouldn’t expect them, such as public bathrooms, changing rooms, bedrooms, and even work offices.
  • Spy Cams: These are also commonly used to target unsuspecting victims in places like hotel rooms and other unoccupied spaces. Even if the target unknowingly records themselves in these locations, it can still be considered video voyeurism.
  • Up-Skirt Camera: This type of camera is attached to clothing or concealed by an item held by the perpetrator, such as a backpack or purse, allowing them to capture photos from under tables and chairs or up skirts/dresses without their victims knowing.
  • Cell Phone Video Voyeurs: These types of perpetrators can use cell phones to record unsuspecting individuals in places like locker rooms and public showers without their permission or knowledge.

LB – What rights do victims of sexual exploitation, such as child porn, have in Missouri?

RM – Victims of sexual exploitation, such as child pornography, have several legal rights in Missouri. These rights include the right to file civil and criminal charges against the offender in order to seek compensation for physical and psychological harm caused by the crime.

LB – Can victims unknowingly recorded file a lawsuit?

RM – Yes, a victim may be able to sue the property owner in many cases. Voyeurism is illegal, and anyone affected by this kind of behavior can bring legal action against the property owner if they failed to provide safeguards to prevent it. Generally, the victim of voyeurism may be able to sue for damages caused by extreme distress and shock, as well as any other financial loss sustained due to the incident.

Victims of Sex Crimes Deserve Justice

Victims of all types of sex crimes deserve justice. Our team of experienced sexual assault attorneys fights for victims’ rights by holding those responsible accountable in civil court. If you have been victimized by a hidden camera in a public bathroom or other setting, reach out, and we can get you the legal representation you deserve. For more information and resources for survivors of sexual abuse visit this page:


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