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Abuse Guardians
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Wayne, PA – Valley Forge Military Academy and College (VFMAC) faces several lawsuits that allege former students were sexually assaulted, hazed, and physically assaulted during their time as cadets at the private military boarding school.

On April 18, 2019 a lawsuit was filed under the pseudonym “John Doe”, in order to protect the identity of the plaintiff, alleging that the former Valley Forge Military Academy cadet suffered life-changing and extreme physical, sexual, and emotional abuse during his time as a cadet.

What Abuse Allegedly Happened At Valley Forge Military Academy?

The initial complaint filed against the Miltary Academy and a former whistleblower, Robert Wood, outlined:

  • Waterboarding;
  • Savage beatings with objects;
  • Coordinated rape of female cadets;
  • Filming of sexual relations;
  • Torture; and
  • “Tooth pasting”, which was explained in the complaint as a tradition where cadets attempted to sodomize other cadets with objects

Since then Justice Guardians has been contacted by several former students who allege similar forms of abuse were endured by them during their stay at the private boarding school.

Coalition Of Lawyers Representing Victims Of Assault At “The Forge”

Stu Ryan, Esq. and Brian Kent, Esq., the attorneys directly handling the cases with Mr. Banville of Justice Guardians spoke about the cases recently after a detailed exposé by Mother Jones in an article titled: Hazing, Fighting, Sexual Assaults: How Valley Forge Military Academy Devolved Into “Lord of the Flies”.

Laurence Banville: “Guys – what are your thoughts on the Valley Forge Military Academy sexual assault lawsuits?”

Stu Ryan: “VFMAC was aware of the worst aspect of the abuse and did nothing to stop it from happening or protect its students from known predators and violent traditions entrenched in the history of the school.” 

Brian Kent: “Agreed. The Forge owed a duty to all cadets to keep the safe. The information from our clients and the recounting of abuse by Whistleblower Robert Wood, make it very clear that there was a culture at the facility that was enabled and some may say encouraged by the administration. Its time for justice.”

Is There Still Time To Join In A Case Against VFMA For Sexual Assault & Abuse?

Yes. Witnesses and victims who suffered “tooth pasting”, or other forms of sexual assault can contact Abuse Guardians today via: (866) 577-2786 to learn more about their own individual claim against the administration of Valley Forge Military Academy. Time to file is limited, due to an expiring statute of limitations, which could bar a claimant from filing their case depending on how much time has passed. For a more precise answer on whether a claim is eligible to be filed, call Abuse Guardians to speak with one of the attorneys handling the case.

The Mother Jones article on Valley Forge Military Academy

Published in the May – June 2022 issue of Mother Jones, “The Big Feature” by Jasper Craven, covered the truths of former cadets: Ryan Niessner, Jordan Schumacher, and Young Sheng who spoke about their experiences. Mr. Schumacher describes in the article how he was elevated to the rank of First Captain, and in that role he felt helpless and depressed due to a “toxic environment” at the school.

The article states:

“a dearth of healthy adult oversight and accountability had contributed to a culture replete with assaults, verbal abuse, hazing, and sexual violence that had resulted in police visits, lawsuits, and a cold war pitting recalcitrant trustees and administrators against reform-minded parents, alumni, and cadets.”

The article also describes Abuse Guardian and attorney Stu Ryan, Esq., as the “school’s most formidable foe”, and recounts Mr. Ryan’s prosecution of Bill Cosby while he was at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office.

Tooth-Pasting At Valley Forge Military Academy

The Mother Jones article also details the experience of a client of Mr. Ryan’s involving tooth-pasting, a sexual hazing technique at “The Forge”. Mr. Niessner describes returning from a shower one evening at the age of 15, when he was attacked by five other cadets who penetrated him with their fingers and a coat hanger. He recalls being discouraged from reporting the incident. For years Mr. Niessner kept the incident to himself until he reported it to the police.

Where is Valley Forge Military Academy Located?

The school is located in Wayne, PA at 1001 Eagle Rd, Wayne, PA 19087.

A look at the reviews of the listing on Google reflects several 1-star reviews that subtly refer to the abuse and culture described above.

To learn more about information and resources available to survivors of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania, read our page:

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